Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st Week Back at College

OMG....!! I never thought 1st day back at college would be that crazy...! Ya, i know i didn't study for my physics quiz and test and also chemistry test which is all worth about 50 marks in total !! I am soooooo dead....! Still that wasn't the crazy part ! I had to complete the notice board for ADTP, the posters for Halloween night, the fliers for Halloween night, e-advertising for Halloween night and decorations for Halloween night...! Now tell me, ain't it fucked-up ??

Still, there is always a silver lining in every cloud !! Hahahahah this hectic week that is meant to stress college students so much and make them say, "Fuck this, i rather work as a dishwasher !!" However, there is something for me to look forward to !! About a week before the Raya break, my dad ordered 2 "things" from Citibank Rewards ! It was suppose to take them about 3 weeks to deliver ! So 1 week passed and the Raya week passed and now !! >.<>

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ welcoming the 2 new members of Liew Family's Electronic Entertainment ! An iPod and a PSP !!! =p guess who had the PSP and the iPod respectively ??

P/S : In need of games !! and MP4 videos !! =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pareto Analysis

there is this very interesting topic that can be applied in almost everything. introducing - Pareto Analysis.
Pareto Analysis explains that the monority can sometimes produce a more clear result than the majority mainly because of the minority will hold the larger amount of buying power. this theory can be seen in a shopping mall for example, the minority will be the rich and extreme shoppers whereas the majority will include normal people who purchases only what they need. it is clear that more profit will come from the minority.
the same principle can be used to explain even friendships. it is common to have many friends, best friends, classmates, etc etc. if there is a decision to make, maybe something important, you'll see that your choice will only be influenced by a few people which will be the minority compared to most of the other people who would end up in the majority group. this is because you have the trust in them. for all we know, the minority could include people you have just met !

try apply this principle in life and you could be surprise how many things can fit in !

Friday, September 26, 2008

"A" week & "THE" week...

yes !! ended my last week with a bang !! hahaha i started my semester break officially at 3pm on the 25th of September. trust me when i say that the next 24 hours is not exactly relaxing ! lol....more like a rush to do stuff ! like last minute christmas sales or something ! the guys and i went off to our "hang-out spot" - Sunway Medan Rock CyberCafe !! i swear if they have a membership card, i would most likely make it for titanuim of platinum at least !! we spend at least 6 hours a week there with or without assignments or tutorials ! so anyway, we whacked out ourselves with starcraft ! i know, the game is 10 years what ?? LoL still fun right ??

after the gaming period, we left and still wanting more....addicted !! i went home, took a nice bath, had a nice dinner and guess what ? go out again !! =) lucky my mom allowed it ! went to connaught food court, "118" or "188" i was never good with numbers ! pretty wicked food court though ! it comprises of - thai food, seafood ( grilled mostly ), waffles ( sucks ), most chinese noodles, western, etc etc. it kinda reminds me of "Asia Cafe" just leave out the type of people ( stundents ) and also leave out the snooker centre ( don't think they have it ).

it was me, kuan, meng, fei , lih chi and sook huoi, we were discussing some "secret" plans !! *shhhhh* =p don't worry, it is not to hurt anyone or destroy anything ! except maybe my house ! *sob,sob* we had some boiled 'sotong' ! and some fried 'squid' ( excellent ) craving for em now !! who can get me some ??

the next day started off with the field trip !!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......! to where you may ask ? to a little building ( size of my whole housing area ) next to subang international airport where little things ( 2.5 tons ) are made ! let you guess the answer ! tips - it makes the aeroplane fly high !! so we left Sunway Uni at around 10 pm and Ewen nearly miss the bus !! we called him at 9 pm, he just woke up ! =.= rush here in 10 minutes !! in a taxi...that was the amazing part !! LoL, brings the new meaning to crazy taxi driver ! there was 1 part i had to take a 'consent form' and fill it up, that part scared the shit out of me ! I went over to the lecturer to get the form, he looked at me,"I don't remember you ? you can't join like this. you must tell me in advance !" i was shocked ! didn't Thereen helped me tell him i was going ? NOOOOOOO......! but still Thereen came over to smoothen things up ! thanks dude, you saved your own skin this time ! =) so we chat a little in the bus and made it there 30 minutes later, went on to the security counter to "check-in" it is like entering 'Fort Knox' or something ! "Sir, please remove all devices with camera". nearly everyone took out their mobilephones ! XD why la you all go buy cameraphones ??

we had a briefing and some Q&A time with the MD of the company, Diggles ( i heard a lot of Dougles but there is always a first time ! ) he explained a lot about the company and what they do, also about the aviation sector and how it is crucial in the world ! hahahahaha my aim - to be better than him ! >:D then we had a tour around the facility and how the stuff works ! thanks Encik Fahim ! great tour guide ! after the tour we went back to Sunway for - fun !! and some work in-between. went to our "spot" *grin* for some "relaxation" and off to the McDonalds in SS15 ! ate a bit while checking out some girls, real great combination - chicken burgers & "chicks" !! it was about to rain, so we thought why not hang out a bit and beat the rain ? where else to go in SS15 ? Snooker sikit la !! play till 1 hour ++ =/

after that left SS15 and head off to Taman Segar for the night market there with Mr William. hahahahahaha sounds so old ! it is actually chung yean only ! go eat "BIG FRIED" direct translation from - "tai chow". amazing how chinese translates !! so we had some friend noodles and soup noodles and 'squid' ( fried for sure ! the only way i'll eat it from now onwards ! ) after that took a slow walk in the market and chat for quite a long time. since we were are Taman Segar, sure find Jess le !! ngek ngek !! and spiky ( her doggie ) went to the playground nearby and chat somemore !! lots to chat ! or gossip ! =D finally headed off for home at 10.30 pm !! phew....what a day !

p/s ( to William ) : as your producer, things are not always what they seem, take in the good and leave out the bad. =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

congestions & confections

first of all, it has been about a total of 6 hours today that my smooth little bum bums have been planted on the car seat !! no joke....! the damn traffic is really gonna take about 10% of my life away !! *sob,sob*

i have been sending my sis off to work for the past whole month, same route to and fro, same jam and would you even believe if i said the same few cars that got stuck in jam with me ?? LoL !! really ! i remembered a few uncles that got stuck in the same jam every morning at the same time. it is like we are all moving according to a little timetable that makes the world turn round ! like what the hell are we turning into ?? robots ?? aughh.....the rain didn't make things better ! from the Federal Highway to the little back streets, it is all filled with cars ! imagine pouring a tank full of water into a 2-by-2 hole !

anyway, i made it in time to pick sis up and went over to Mines Shopping Centre for her job. something to do with taking pictures of people shopping. wonder why can't i pose as a shopper and let her take all the pics she wants ? nah....i would most likely start shopping for real ! =p yes guys love shopping too ! but i didn't....*frown* went over to Kyros Kebab for some kebab ( duh ! ) tasty stuff !! do try the chicken kebab with lebanese roll !

that was appetizers !! we wanted to grab our dinner at Kenny Rogers but it was packed with people ! buka puasa la !! apa boleh buat ? i was fine but my sis really wanted Kenny !! appease her.... next stop - Leisure Mall !! she had her macoroni and cheese with a bowl full of mashed for me, only got 1 SCOOP of mash potatoes and A muffin ! =.=

*sigh* results of today, 2 quiz went very well, cybercafe not so good ( lost to Mike and Ben ! ), food just about average and traffic sucks !! a little sweet and sour makes things fun !!

p/s : went pretty much bankrupt too !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

birthday of a special someone !!

no, it is not a girlfriend's birthday, no, it is not a relative's birthday, in fact, it is not a person i ever knew at all !! hahaha, happy birthday Cally ! for those who is wondering who is Cally, Cally is a friend of my friend, Jess ! it was a Monday after my ADTP committee meeting, wanted to get some dinner, so i tried my luck with a few nearby friends. Jess was still in Subang till 9pm so i thought i'll join her for dinner. she told me it was her friends birthday !! hahaha i was not going to give up that easily ! so i went on and joined her celebrate. went all the way to SUMMIT USJ to find this "Casa", i had no idea it was a name of the 'CONDO' !! went on looking for a steamboat restaurant named "Casa" ( Gene, why so blur ?? ) still after 15 minutes or so, i found it !! ( yes i am bad at directions ! )
it was a nightmare ! huge condo with at least a dozen guards. had to give my IC, name, mobile phone number....lucky they did not ask for my DNA sample or something, come on, i am going to a BIRTHDAY PARTY !! not some drug meeting or orgy !! =/
anyway, Jess came down to guide me up ( i can't get lost anymore can i ? =D ) i felt honestly very weird going to someone's birthday party and not know anyone there !! but manage to get in my act fast enough ! it was like an "alchoholics anonymous" meeting !! "hi, my name is Eugene !", "nice to meet you" i repeated this few sentences nearly a dozen times !! should wire it into my mind or something !
i met Yivon, Justin, Nicholas 1, Nicholas 2, Ivan, Jasmine, JoJo, Jean, Cally, Jason, Lennet, Tiffany and a few more names i forgot ! sorry !!! too many at a time. we had stuff like fishball, vege ball and many more balls !! ( sounds so wrong !! ) after dinner we played this game, "HA ?? MEH WAH ??" , translated "What ?? What's that ??" sounds weird huh ? lol, its a really crazy game, fast and fun ! the punishment - tie the loser's hair with toilet paper ! ewwww.....! 1st to lose - ME !!! =.= they don't give me any chance !! all the guys were losing at first ! then the girls !! =p
the party went on till late but i left early with Nicholas and Jasmine at around 9 pm. after singing the birthday song of course ! i'll try post some of the pics up soon ! =)
p/s : hey Jess if you're reading this, GET ME SOME PICS !! *muakz*

Resurrection !!

wow, its coming to year already since i last blogged. guess the lazy part got the best of me !

promise i'll get back on it ASAP !! =p anyway, lots of stuff went by since then. lost some friends, gain some friends and maintained most of em !! now i am in college (sunway) 17 going on 18 ! mature already !! *sigh* wish i could keep being childish but.....have to grow up someday eh ?

More posts coming up !! *winks*

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tired, feeling suckish ~!~!

Hate mornings like this !!! *snore* *grunt* Wake up so early at 5.30 am on a non-schooling day !Wish i had that device Hermione has ! Turn the bloody time around. Of course the main problem i feel suckish ? Played games till 3 am ! LMAO !!! So can't really blame anyone else but me eh ? o.O
Still got about 3 chapters of history to go...!
"Jelaskan lapan sumbangan Bani Umayyah dalam bidang ilmu pengetahuan."
"Terangkan kemajuan ekonomi Bani Umaiyyah tahap kedua di Andalusia."
Blah, blah, blah......!
Phase of the day : Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat them.
(Seen it somewhere have you ?)